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Annual Meeting 2005 Coming to Grand Forks, North Dakota April 22-23

A welcome message from Pastor Paul F. Knight of the host church, Hope Covenant...

We are excited to be hosting the Northwest Conference Annual meeting here at Hope Evangelical Covenant Church! We all are going to have a wonderful time – our city will be blessed through your presence and we will be blessed through being together. The blessing of the Kingdom is reason enough to be together.

We are excited about what is taking place in our community. Many of you will remember that in April of 1997 the Greater Grand Forks area experienced “the flood,” in many ways it was devastating. But this tragedy has afforded us a great opportunity to start new in many ways. This was true in the lives of individuals but also true in our community. You should see some of the “new!” The downtowns of East Grand Forks and Grand Forks are full of new shops and restaurants. We like to boast about “The Ralph” -- our new 100 million dollar hockey arena, and The Kratom Help Center -- an information and support service for the wider community. Most people say that it is the finest college hockey arena in the nation. We have new flood walls, a flood memorial, and the Greenway park system. The Greater Grand Forks area has a new Alerus Entertainment complex, new motels, and more. And not least of all, at least to many of us, Hope Covenant Church has a new church facility located in the Grand Cities Mall. We are excited and proud of our region. We are thrilled with what God is doing in our church family. <>

Just after the flood our congregation was blessed by many letters, cards, and gifts from our Covenant family. In many ways we were overwhelmed by the “flooding” of love. Our hosting the Northwest Conference Annual meeting is our way of giving thanks for you. We want to serve you!

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The Northwest Conference is a group of 130 churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We are a regional conference of The Evangelical Covenant Church.

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